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Based on the people-oriented philosophy, Aceso Life Science Group Limited attaches great importance to fostering good partnerships with employees, allowing employees to balance work and family, build a harmonious and dynamic team, and create an equal, fair, caring and harmonious employer-employee relationship.

Aceso Life Science Group Limited adopts the way that employees at all levels are improved and developed in practice, and constantly creates opportunities for each employee to gain space for training and promotion, and improve their comprehensive ability and value, and make contribution to the Group and society.

We believe that talent is the first resource for the Group and even social development, and it is also the guarantee for the implementation of all development strategies. Through this platform, we hope that every employee can develop their strengths and apply what they have learned, realize their own ideals and values, and make progress together with the company!

If you agree with our talent development philosophy and are excited about the employment prospects of Aceso Life Science Group Limited, we welcome you to join us.