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About Aceso Life Science
The Group (Stock Code: 474.HK) conducted the initial public offering of its shares on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 24 May 2006 and successfully listed for trading on 6 June 2006.

The Group is a comprehensive investment holding group. On the basis of diversified investments, the group will devote its major efforts to focus on the development of the life science and technology industry in the future, lay out the key areas and technologies for the future development of human life sciences, invest in and incubate the world’s leading life science companies, and build a world-leading life science research platform. At the same time, through the acquired overseas exclusive rights on the therapeutic and diagnostic technologies and the cooperation and incubation with leading pharmaceutical companies in the Greater China region, the Group aims to bring the global leading life science technologies to be developed, distributed and commercialized in the Greater China and Southeast Asian countries. Through a diversified and stable business model, the Group creates ideal returns for investors.

The Group is also the controlling shareholder of Hao Tian International Construction Investment Group Limited ("HTICI, 1341.HK"). As of 31 March 2020, the Group’s total assets have exceeded HKD 5 billion.